Wednesday Parking Round-Up


Columbus, OH is struggling with downtown parking crunch. But they decided buying transit passes for employees turns out to be much more cost-effective than building parking garages.

Portland City Council Faces A Test: Housing Affordability vs Parking Everywhere. Livability has become the new euphemism for “I don’t want people park in front of my house”

Apartment construction costs have increased since Portland City Council required new apartments to include on-site parking in 2013.

Chicago has a gluttony for residential parking spaces.

Study shows excessive parking causes more driving – just like tobacco causes lung cancer.

Two major on-demand parking app companies are struggling to stay in business. It is interesting to see that many would rather pay their money to private firms to park their cars for them but they oppose paying the public for on-street parking.

“It’s the American expectation that’s creating the [parking] problem”. Hate to break it to you, but you really should not expect to park free everywhere.

Parking Madness Final Four. See how badly these American cities have ruined themselves with parking.


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