Portland Shoupistas


An advocacy group committed to bringing the most progressive ideas on parking policy to reality.


In 2016 Portland’s government is considering major changes to parking management policy. 


Educating the public.  Educating city council.  Attending meetings. Writing letters. 

Portland Parking Blog

A parking garage right next to a light rail station.

PDC’s Parking Problem Restricts Ability To Deliver On Strategic Goals

The Portland Development Commission has a parking problem. The agency has committed to spending $32 million in taxpayer provided urban renewal...

Parking Is Often Over-Supplied at Transit-Oriented Development

In the past two decades transit oriented development (TOD)—compact, walkable, and mixed-use development centered around high quality transit—has become an...

Cars in traffic with downtown Portland in the background.

6 Parking Policy Priorities For Portland In 2017

In 2016, Portland parking advocates scored a number of important victories: in February, downtown meter rates increased; in April, City...

Parking Minimums Effectively Repealed In Portland – What’s Next?

Parking Minimums Effectively Repealed In Portland – What’s Next?

It took almost four years, but Portland’s growing Shoupista movement succeeded in effectively repealing off-street parking requirements imposed in 2013....

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