Wednesday Parking Round-Up: why parking requirements are bad, parking subsidy works against mode-shift, and more

Ottawa’s 90 second PSA explains why parking minimums hurt cities: Want to promote businesses and development?  Want to improve housing? Want less traffic? Build less parking!

Commuter transit subsidy has little effect on mode-choice when parking is free. People only stop driving to work when they have to pay for parking.

On-demand parking service start-up Zirx gives up its valet parking service. Some urban issues, like parking, are better to be addressed by demand-based pricing than fancy apps. services.

How Parking Requirements Hurt the Poor – some parking wisdom from Professor Shoup

Grand Rapids prices downtown parking as a commodity, based on demand. “This provides choices for customers and optimal utilization of our public facilities”, says John Naramore, the city’s new mobile GR manager 

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