Wednesday Parking Round-Up: PDC plans to build 3 surface parking lots on Water Avenue, new parking meters in Portland’s Central Eastside, and more

(Source: KOIN)

Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District got 29 new parking meters between Burnside and Belmont to address increasing on-street parking demand.

Portland Development Commission plans to buy and lease three large lots from Oregon Department of Transportation on SE Water Avenue, and turn them into 3 surface parking lots and build a parking garage in the future.

Sidewalk Lab, a Google subsidiary, proposes app that integrates Portland’s parking and transit services. But are Portland’s parking and transit issues caused by factors that can be addressed by an app?

The City of Minneapolis tries to encourage development on its acres of surface parking lots by changing the incentive structure to own and operate a surface parking lot in downtown.

The City of San Francisco surveyed  2,349 residents on the residential parking permit program. Here are some of the things they learned: (1) only 43% of residents living in the permit zone said they have a on-street parking permit; (2) 73% of the people who have permits only have 1 parking permit; (3) only 31% of all surveyed residents said they commute by driving alone; and (4) 77% of residents indicated they found parking within 3 blocks of their home.

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