Wednesday Parking Round-Up: parking management is the most effective car-restrictive policy, tons of parking in low income TOD in San Diego, and more

percent daily trip by mode

National City, CA, new development is walkable, close to transit, and still has tons of parking. State and federal funding needs to encourage low-income housing and transit oriented development without excessive parking. City permitting process also needs reform to promote development without parking.

Residential parking permits in the UK is extremely expensive. City of Birmingham charges £785 ($1154) a year for a residential permit. Portland currently charges $0. Somewhere in the middle is probably good.

Menlo Park, CA, considers removing 14-21 parking spaces for outdoor seating for 200 people. Some businesses understand that it is not parking that helps them thrive but people.

For all of you real transportation / parking wonks: A recent study of five European cities show that parking management is by far the most effective car-restrictive policy in reducing car-dependence.

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