Wednesday Parking Round-Up: Free of religion = freedom to park in the bike lane, sexist parking spaces in China, and more

(Photo source: Global News)

Freedom of religion = freedom to park in the bike lane. In NYC, parking for church goers becomes more important than the safety of people on bikes.

Uber and a Bay Area landlord will pay new tenant a $100 a month to go car free to “avoid having to create more parking spaces”

A parking lot in China provides women-only parking spaces that are 50% wider than normal spaces for completely sexist reasons. And guess what? The person came up with this idea is a man.

Automated parking garages that make parking safer, greener, and more efficient are popping up all over the world! See this one in West Hollywood and this one in China.

State law forbids Denver’s transit agency (RTD) from charging for parking; forcing the transit agency forging $8.2 million a year.