Wednesday Parking Round-Up: Carless renters pay $440 million a year for parking they don’t use, Oslo plans to ban cars from the central city by 2019, and more


(Photo source: Wikipedia)

Carless renters forced to pay $440 million a year for parking they don’t use. A study published by two UCLA urban planning scholars show that minimum parking requirements creates huge equity issues for carless renter households.

A future without cars: Oslo, Norway, plans to completely phase out cars from the central city by 2019. How will they do that? By replacing parking with bike infrastructure.

The high cost of public parking garages: Des Moines has a parking problem. But it’s not one that drivers complain about. Public downtown parking garages cost the city a $19 million deficit in the past decade due to mainly a surplus of parking.

The most Dallas thing ever! Dallas plans to build parking garage, next to a park, on a deck that covers a freeway.

Special treatment for church-goers? San Francisco launched a pilot project to legalize on-street double-parking on Sundays

Keep Philly Weirdly Parked? A newcomer urbanist in Philadelphia wants to ban illegal parking in the middle of the road that has been a long city tradition. That, of course, upsets a lot of people.

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