Performance-Based Parking Management Coming To Portland

An important step towards performance-based parking management in Portland will, with any luck, take place on in mid-April.Parking Pay Station

On Wednesday, April 13 at 2PM Portland City Council will (most likely) direct the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to develop a set of rules, regulations, performance targets, and policies to manage on-street parking more efficiently.  A stakeholder advisory committee will be seated to make recommendations and perform vetting on the staff proposals.

Performance-based Parking Management (PBPM), according to PBOT, will:

  • Establish clear performance goals for the management of the on and off-street public parking system.
  • Identify evaluation measures using data to inform changes to parking rates, policies and programs.
  • Implement demand-based parking practices as a means of allocating parking spaces in metered areas.
  • Outline communication procedures to inform the public of changes in parking management in particular areas.

Indications are that PBOT is aiming for a performance-pricing system for metered areas that is less technologically dependent than the vaunted SFPark system, but a bit more dynamic than Seattle’s parking program.

The technology available for implementing managed parking solutions is becoming more affordable and powerful by the day.  Integration with parking applications like Passport, ParkMe and Citifyd can make expanding and enforcing paid parking zones near commercial corridors possible.  Neighborhoods can benefit greatly from safety improvements and small infrastructure projects paid for by revenue generated in such districts, businesses will see higher turnover, and customers will find themselves less frustrated when they are able to find convenient parking at a reasonable price.

Keep an eye on this process as it moves forward.  There will be many opportunities for advocacy and public involvement.


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