Let City Council Know: Trade Parking Requirements For More Housing

We’ve made the case for eliminating parking requirements and we’ve shown up in person to tell City Council it’s time for a change. To ensure that the mayor and commissioners pay attention, we need to generate more written testimony, and you can help.

By midnight tomorrow, Thursday October 13, please send an email to cputestimony@portlandoregon.gov with subject line “Comprehensive Plan Implementation.” 

Your message does not need to be complicated or long.  The important thing is to ask council to “Trade minimum parking requirements for more affordable housing by eliminating minimum parking requirements in Mixed-Use Zones.”

If you want to add some reasoning, we have prepared some “talking” points for you.

After you do that, spread the message on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can also send an email to the members of City Council individually.  We suggest you do this by October 13th. Write to Commissioner Steve Novick, Mayor Charlie Hales, Commissioner Nick Fish, Commissioner Dan Saltzman, and Commissioner Amanda Fritz.

Let’s not let this opportunity slip away.  If we act now, we can correct the mistake our city made in 2013 when council imposed minimum rent requirements and suppressed the supply of new housing in Portland.

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