Ask Your Favorite Local Business To Support Better Parking Policy

Our efforts to eliminate minimum parking requirements have gotten a boost this last week from the Portland Independent Chamber of Commerce (PICOC) and you can help our campaign by supporting theirs.

PICOC is a coalition of progressive business and community leaders who believe Portland can do better. We’ve heard from advocacy groups about the impact of parking minimums on housing affordability, not to mention sustainability and livability. We’ve also heard loud and clear from businesses that Portland’s current parking management strategy is failing. We think it’s time for Portland to chart a new course.

A business voice in favor of these changes could be pivotal to this vote. Portland’s City Commissioners need to hear from forward-thinking Portland businesses that are ready for comprehensive parking reform. We are calling on local businesses to join with our testimony to City Council. Over 30 businesses have signed on so far. Please ask your favorite local businesses to sign on!

Time is running out so don’t delay! Tweet, email, Facebook, or message this link to those businesses:

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