Eight Reasons To Support Parking Reforms

A Parklet in San Francisco

1300 Fulton St. Parklet in SF

Why is parking policy, such a seemingly mundane and boring feature of our lives, worth spending time and energy on?

Simply stated, there are few local opportunities for change that can have as wide and effective of an impact on such a list of problems as parking and each one, on it’s own, is reason enough.

Here are only eight of the reasons we should support parking reform, post your own in the comments:

… it leads to more affordable housing;

… it creates more walkable downtown districts;

… it preserves pedestrian friendly commercial corridors and neighborhood business nodes;

… it supports local businesses by encouraging turnover for customers;

… it reduces emissions and preventing traffic injuries from drivers cruising for a spot;

… it encourages no-car living in transit rich areas;

… it frees up valuable space for nature, recreationand active uses;

… it provides a stable and equitable funding source for street repairs and beautification, safety improvements, and alternative modes of transportation.


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