Portland Shoupistas


An advocacy group committed to bringing the most progressive ideas on parking policy to reality.


In 2016 Portland’s government is considering major changes to parking management policy. 


Educating the public.  Educating city council.  Attending meetings. Writing letters. 

Portland Parking Blog

Less Housing = More (And Affordable) Housing. Permitted development has 187 market rate units, 0 guaranteed affordable, 46 parking stalls, proposal is for 170 market rate, 40 affordable, 0 parking stalls.

Inclusionary Housing In Sellwood Hits Parking Stumbling Block

In February 2017, new inclusionary housing rules went into effect in Portland and, as of early April, there has been...

Portland Included in FHWA’s Parking Pricing Case Studies

Portland Included in FHWA’s Parking Pricing Case Studies

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) last month released two documents – “FHWA-Parking Pricing Workshop Summaries” and “FHWA Sponsored Parking Pricing...

In Sellwood, the key to Portland’s new affordable housing program turns out to be … no parking

This is a guest post from the blog of Portland for Everyone, which covers housing abundance, diversity and affordability in...

A group of Shoupistas

Portland Parking Happy Hour: 2/28 @ Fifth Quadrant

It’s been a while since we’ve had a social event. Join your fellow Shoupistas at the Fifth Quadrant (3901 N...

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