Portland Shoupistas


An advocacy group committed to bringing the most progressive ideas on parking policy to reality.


In 2016 Portland’s government is considering major changes to parking management policy. 


Educating the public.  Educating city council.  Attending meetings. Writing letters. 

Portland Parking Blog

Parking vs Housing: Mayor Wheeler Calls Debate ‘Over’

Convenient parking is a problem in parts of Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler conceded last week. But it’s a smaller problem...

Cars, Parking meters, and parking signs

Innovative Permit Changes Proposed In NW Portland

When Portland City Council decided not to extend minimum parking requirements into Northwest Portland in July 2016 the Northwest Portland...

Build Housing, Not Parking

Ask Commissioner Eudaly To Remove Barriers To Affordable Housing

A proposal to build 40 affordable apartments in Sellwood is at risk because of minimum parking requirements. Currently, to qualify...

Inclusionary Housing In Sellwood Hits Parking Stumbling Block

Update: Take a minute and email Commissioner Eudaly at chloe@portlandoregon.gov. Ask her to look into this situation in Sellwood. Ask...

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